About us

What meke us unique

Why you choose us

  • Our playground is fully closed, safe and clean
  • Our playsets and toys are custom made and some of them can not be found at the other places.
  • You can have some art activities and courses while your children playing at same building.
  • Great news for Fathers. You can bring your children during soccer and football derbies. while you watch the games free of charge, we will take care of your children.
  • We got best prices.
  • We organize best birthday parties for the kids.


  • Our playground is the only one in N.Cyprus that your children can enjoy playground for about two and half hours with only one enter fee.
  • That make your budget be planned easily, when you think about whole day.
  • Your children can enjoy each playset as much as they like.
  • We got some toys demanding mental and physical efforts at both 0-3 and 3-12 age area.
  • That is why they spend good energy and that is how we guarantee deep and good night sleep afterwards.
  • We got best prices at everything.
  • We got subscriber programs which offer best discounts.
  • We got some unique toys such as Transformer Robots.
  • You can really relax and enjoy the day while your kids play in the playground.
  • Until now, fathers have to escape home for the live sport games. But from now on, they can bring their children with them and enjoy the live games free while kids spend gorgeous time at the playground.